Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V

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EP 2 Realm Of The Cipher Dragon Aired on 07/23/17
Yuya and his pals cross paths with a mysterious duelist.
Available until 18 September 2017
C8 | 23:00
EP 1 A Warlike Welcome Aired on 07/23/17
Yuya's been transported to a strange new world that's been decimated by Duel Academy!
Available until 18 September 2017
C8 | 23:04
EP 3 Rush To Revenge Aired on 07/23/17
Yuya's got his dueltaining cut out for him as he tries to convince Kite he's not the enemy
Available until 25 September 2017
C8 | 22:29
EP 4 Rise Of The Resistance Aired on 07/23/17
Yuya learns troubling news about his dad in one dimension.
Available until 2 October 2017
C8 | 23:02