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EP 12 Kaptain Komasan and the Yeti Aired on 05/14/17
If Yetis are fake, what's that furry thing chasing Komasan across the ice?
Available until 20 August 2017
C8 | 22:29
EP 13 Kaptain Komasan and the Surprise Ending Aired on 05/14/17
Phonius is fired from his tv show after he's uncovered as a fraud.
Available until 27 August 2017
C8 | 22:30
EP 11 Kaptain Komasan and the Buried Treasure Aired on 05/14/17
Komasan discovers a hidden treasure.
Available until 13 August 2017
C8 | 22:28
EP 10 Kaptain Komasan and the Merman Aired on 05/14/17
Yo-kai Gargaros returns and would love to fight Nate, Whisper, and Jibanyan...
Available until 4 August 2017
C8 | 22:19
EP 6 Yo-Kai Gimme / Yo-Kai Tublappa Aired on 04/17/17
Nate's frustration grows as a sneaky Yo-kai takes all of his good stuff.
Available until 7 July 2017
C8 | 22:13
EP 7 Kaptain Komasan and the Mess at Loc... Aired on 04/17/17
Komasan becomes an explorer and meets the Loch Ness monster.
Available until 14 July 2017
C8 | 22:13
EP 8 Kaptain Komasan and the Kaveman Aired on 04/17/17
It's off to the jungle as Kaptain Komasan and his Krew are on the trail of a caveman.
Available until 21 July 2017
C8 | 22:13
EP 9 Kaptain Komasan and the Aliens Aired on 04/17/17
Another great Kaptain Komasan adventure and this time, Komasan meets real aliens!
Available until 28 July 2017
C8 | 22:14
EP 5 Old Lady Dream Theatre: Act IV Aired on 03/20/17
The Old Lady tells an incredible story about an amazing underwater world.
Available until 30 June 2017
C8 | 21:52