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EP 17 Gnew Guy Gnomey AND Yo-Kai Mynimo Aired on 06/12/17
A new Gnomey invades Nate's house.
Available until 24 September 2017
C8 | 22:10
EP 18 Gnew Guy Gnomey: The Exam Episode Aired on 06/12/17
A tiny Yo-kai risks life and limb to help an easily-distracted kid pass his exams.
Available until 7 October 2017
C8 | 22:14
EP 16 Gnarly Gnomey AND Yo-Kai Negasus Aired on 06/12/17
Everyone has fun when the gang gets together.
Available until 17 September 2017
C8 | 22:13
EP 15 Gnummerous Gnomey AND Katie's Yo-ka... Aired on 06/12/17
A squadron of Gnomey use their wits and military prowess to get Nate's test cancelled.
Available until 10 September 2017
C8 | 22:14
EP 14 Gnervous Gnomey AND Yo-Kai Lafalotta Aired on 05/14/17
A Yo-kai works hard to keep the house clean, but with a slob like Nate, it's a tough job.
Available until 3 September 2017
C8 | 22:28
EP 12 Kaptain Komasan and the Yeti Aired on 05/14/17
If Yetis are fake, what's that furry thing chasing Komasan across the ice?
Available until 20 August 2017
C8 | 22:29
EP 13 Kaptain Komasan and the Surprise Ending Aired on 05/14/17
Phonius is fired from his tv show after he's uncovered as a fraud.
Available until 27 August 2017
C8 | 22:30