Three young friends pursue a dream of becoming the Grand Master, those who manage to catch all 150 Pokémon, or Pocket Monsters.

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EP 13 Racing To A Big Event! Aired on 05/14/17
An Alolan tradition whets everyone's appetite for fun, and Ash decides to join in!
Available until 6 August 2017
C8 | 21:50
EP 14 Getting To Know You Aired on 05/14/17
The time has come for Lillie to address her fears.
Available until 13 August 2017
C8 | 21:49
EP 6 A Shocking Grocery Aired on 03/20/17
Ash's first day off from Pokémon School was supposed to be a relaxing break...
Available until 25 June 2017
C8 | 21:51
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