Milo Murphy's Law

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EP 99 Missing Milo Aired on 06/20/17
When Cavendish and Dakota stop Milo from destroying a pistachio plant, they change the...
Available until 22 August 2017
C8 | 48:32
EP 5 Worked Day/The Wilder West Aired on 10/20/16
Milo is excited for Career Day at school. Milo and the gang meet Calamity Jane's great...
Available until 6 September 2017
C8 | 26:36
EP 4 Party of Peril/Smooth Opera-tor Aired on 10/20/16
Melissa and Zack throw Milo his first surprise birthday party, the only real birthday...
Available until 5 September 2017
C8 | 26:36
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