In the Night Garden...

Makka Pakka visits all the inhabitants of the garden to wash their faces. Everyone in the garden loves to have their faces washed – even the teeny tiny Pontipines.

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EP 19 The Pontipine Children on the Roof Aired on 08/19/17
Mr. and Mrs. Pontipine can't find the children.
Available until 15 September 2017
C | 24:18
EP 18 Igglepiggle's Noisy Noises Aired on 08/12/17
Everything in the garden is so noisy that Igglepiggle moves away to find a quiet place.
Available until 8 September 2017
C | 24:39
EP 17 Be Careful Tombliboos! Aired on 08/05/17
Travelling in the Pinky Ponk, the Tombliboos are drinking their Pinky Ponk juice.
Available until 1 September 2017
C | 24:45
EP 16 Slow Down Everybody Aired on 07/29/17
The Tombliboos are playing their music so fast that everybody does everything very fast.
Available until 25 August 2017
C | 24:16