A drama following FBI Agent Audrey Parker, who is brought to Haven, Maine by a routine case. The town turns out to be a longtime refuge for people that are affected by a range of supernatural afflictions. Audrey chooses to stay in Haven and explore its many secrets - including her own surprising connections to this extraordinary place.

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EP 16 Love Machine Aired on 06/27/17
The Haven docks seem to be attacking people - on their own. Could they be haunted? Au...
Available until 30 June 2018
PG | 43:24
EP 15 Fear & Loathing Aired on 06/27/17
While dealing with the mystery of her own identity, Audrey, Nathan and the other Audr...
Available until 30 June 2018
PG | 42:24
EP 14 A Tale of Two Audreys Aired on 05/29/17
Haven's second season begins as Audrey and Nathan discover a supernatural threat visi...
Available until 31 May 2018
PG | 42:42