Elena of Avalor

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EP 27 Realm of the Jaquins Aired on 07/24/17
When Elena travels to the realm of the jaquins, she inadvertently releases a mythical...
Available until 13 September 2017
G | 47:23
EP 22 Wizard-in-Training Aired on 06/19/17
Mateo takes on an apprentice but soon discovers teaching is harder than it looks!
Available until 23 August 2017
G | 26:48
EP 5 Spellbound Aired on 07/24/16
When an evil wizard sneaks into the palace and turns Elena's family to stone...
Available until 21 August 2017
G | 26:33
EP 2 Model Sister Aired on 06/20/16
Elena is torn between a promise she made to help Isabel and fulfilling her royal duties...
Available until 2 September 2017
G | 26:18
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