Beyblade Burst

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EP 40 All In! Going Solo! Aired on 06/12/17
A strange scientist offers to measure Valt's launching technique.
Available until 18 September 2017
C8 | 21:57
EP 39 Into the Votex! Lost Spiral Aired on 06/12/17
The showdown between Valt and Lui continues; one team emerges victorious.
Available until 11 September 2017
C8 | 22:01
EP 42 JumboJormuntor! The Venemous Snake! Aired on 06/12/17
The gang is on edge when Shu's creepy first round opponent is rumored to play dirty.
Available until 2 October 2017
C8 | 22:00
EP 41 Nepstrius' Trap! Aired on 06/12/17
Valt faces off against mad scientist Naoki in the first round of individual competition.
Available until 25 September 2017
C8 | 21:59
EP 37 Next Stop, Team Finals! Aired on 05/14/17
The team picks an unusual way to train on their last day before the final.
Available until 29 August 2017
C8 | 21:51
EP 38 Battle to the Finish! Lost Luinor Aired on 05/14/17
The Beigoma Beyclub collides with Rideout at the National Team Finals.
Available until 5 September 2017
C8 | 22:06