Beyblade Burst

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EP 32 Cyclone Power! Aired on 04/17/17
Zac hosts an extravagant fair and invites the Beigoma Academy Bey Club.
Available until 12 July 2017
C8 | 26:24
EP 31 Teachings of a Legend! Aired on 04/17/17
Zac recruits an unlikely Blader to join his team of Superstars.
Available until 5 July 2017
C8 | 26:23
EP 30 The Winged Snake! Quetziko! Aired on 04/17/17
The Beigoma Academy Bey Club faces Quon's Ice Blaze in the first match of the Tournament.
Available until 28 June 2017
C8 | 26:23
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