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EP 10 Home Away From Home Aired on 05/25/17
Andi and Bex struggle to get comfortable with their new living arrangement.
Available until 17 July 2017
G | 28:37
EP 9 She's Turning Into You Aired on 05/25/17
When Jonah asks Andi for help picking out a birthday gift for his girlfriend, Amber...
Available until 10 July 2017
G | 24:13
EP 8 Terms of Embarrassment Aired on 04/23/17
When Celia allows Bowie to stay, Andi must adjust to Bowie being in her life full time.
Available until 26 June 2017
G | 26:06
EP 1 13 Aired on 03/22/17
Andi's world turns upside down when her older sister, Bex, returns home on her 13th...
Available until 28 June 2017
G | 28:13
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