American Ninja Warrior

The action-packed series follows competitors as they tackle a series of challenging obstacle courses in both city qualifying and city finals rounds across the country.

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EP 11 Kansas City City Finals Aired on 08/21/17
08-21-2017 The top 30 competitors from the Kansas City qualifiers compete on one of th...
Available until 18 September 2017
PG | 93:00
EP 10 Cleveland City Finals Aired on 08/14/17
08-14-2017 As the season continues, the competition returns to Cleveland, Ohio for the...
Available until 11 September 2017
PG | 92:00
EP 9 Daytona Beach City Finals Aired on 08/07/17
08-07-2017 American Ninja Warrior’s back in Daytona Beach where the qualifier competit...
Available until 4 September 2017
PG | 90:00
EP 8 San Antonio City Finals Aired on 07/31/17
07-31-2017 American Ninja Warrior travels back to San Antonio where the top 30 competi...
Available until 28 August 2017
PG | 89:00